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Gamebit is a product that I have been developing on my free time since Fall of 2017. Currently, I have another former UT student helping me with the development of the prototypes. The final product will be a chessboard that can detect when a piece is moved by the user and can move an opposing piece to play against you. Additionally, the board will be able to connect online to play against an opponent online. Whenever an online opponent moves a piece on their board, the other board will automatically move the piece to update the other board. The board will use physical pieces on a physical board to retain the tactile feel of real chess while implementing the functionality and convenience of online play. The goal of Gamebit is to bring the personal and tactile feel of playing board games in person to players playing online. Gamebit has so far gotten me valuable experience working with embedded systems (this one uses a microcontroller, hall effect sensors and stepper motors) and coding in C++. Gamebit is funded by The Genesis Program, a program that funds student startups and ventures, at The University of Texas at Austin. To read more about Gamebit (formerly Automatic Chess Board) click here. Gamebit was briefly featured on The Daily Texan.

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